What homeowner should know before selling, renovating or upgrading attic insulation

atticIn most cases if you are home owner who has no plans to sell or renovate your house or upgrade your attic insulation, and your attic is not being used for storage or being accessed, chances are that you have no immediate need to remove the asbestos containing insulation from your home.

If you have read this far it is likely that you have an immediate need to remove the insulation because you are listing your home for sale, planning on renovating, or thinking of adding insulation to your attic, and you have been told that the insulation is asbestos or you suspect it does. Either way if the attic insulation in your home contains asbestos it will significantly impact the value of the home you're trying to sell or the costs associated with a renovation or attic insulation upgrade. If you have do not already know what type of insulation you have, or if the insulation actually contains asbestos, Ontario Insulation will send an experienced staff member out to inspect your attic to determine if the attic insulation is vermiculite and collect samples that can be analysed for asbestos.

If these samples show, or you already know the vermiculite is asbestos containing, Ontario Insulation can provide a free quote for both the removal of the vermiculite (in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario asbestos regulation), and for the installation of new insulation, including provisions for soffit and roof ventilation to the standard of the current Ontario building code.

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Ontario Insulation also provides free quotes for the removal and replacement of underperforming non-asbestos fiberglass and cellulose attic insulations.